Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rockets take to the sky over Luling!

We had a great time today at the SoLaR launch. The weather was perfect. We arrived at the field in Luling about 9:00AM. The grass was a bit high. but I brought the weed eater and soon had a nice clear area for us to launch from.

Here is my launch report:

SemRoc Repro kit of the Estes Astron Sky Hook A8-3 Nice high boost. Perfect streamer recovery close to the pad.
Apogee Aspire D12-7 Nice high boost. This rocket rocks! Recovered close in. Perfect flight!
LOC Aura F20-7 Highest flight of the day. Tracked it way up there. Nice recovery close in on a 12" nylon chute.

I had intended on flying my Mercury Redstone but with the grass a bit high I was worried that I would loose the nosecone. It will have to wait for another day.

I took a few pictures. You can check them out on my Kodak Gallery site. See the link below:


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