Thursday, March 22, 2012

Add To Your Fleet With New Kits Released From SemRoc

New Kits...
We have just released four more kits for the spring. The Bandit™ has been in the works for some time. The internal baffle or ejection ducting system is one of the most elaborate engineering designs from the early days. Most of the "beauty" of this kit is hidden inside, but the baffling system works great! The Blue Bird Zero™ is one of Mike Dorffler's classic designs from the 80's. It has been cloned, upscaled and downscaled over the years, proving it has stood the test of time. We have released it as Magnum™ so it flies on a wide range of engines (18mm and 24mm) on all sizes of fields. The Nomad™ is a much requested Centuri kit. We changed the fiber fins to balsa and basswood to make it more rugged. The original had aluminum foil bands that are not included with this kit. As a final step, it made it too easy to mess it up. If you insist on the aluminum foil bands and swear to Sheryl that you can apply them without having to start over, tell her in the notes and she will include the bands while we still have them.

Starship Series...
We have just released the Starship Vega™ as the first Starship entry. Over the coming months we will release the Starship Excalibur™ and the Starship Correy™

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