Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Falcon Heavy Ground Test is a Success

This is a test fire in advance of SpaceX's upcoming Falcon 9 Heavy test launch. The test occurred on 1/24/2018 at Kennedy Space Center's LC-39 Pad A which is the same pad that many Apollo and Space Shuttle launches took place from. SpaceX is currently leasing the pad from NASA. Birds can been seen scattering near the area and the delayed rumble of the 12 second test can also be heard. No date has yet been announced for the test launch. This launch will be the first time SpaceX has launched a vehicle of this configuration and at 140,700 lb to low Earth orbit, it will represent the largest lift capacity of any currently available rocket. Although still short of the 150,000 to 290,000 lb capacity of NASA's upcoming SLS rocket (and well shy of Saturn V's 310,000 lb capacity), this rocket will more than double what is currently available from the Delta IV Heavy.

Video and article by: Dennis Kapatos

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