Thursday, July 16, 2009

We Have Lift Off!

Lift off of Apollo 11. Forty years ago today those are the words that every person watching there television remembers hearing. But what was it like for the three men who road the elevator to the top of a thirty story tall rocket. A rocket that was full of millions of pounds of explosive fuel. A rocket that was described as "Living and breathing" . We can only imagine the sights and sounds of those few minutes as the three astronauts exited the transportation van and boarded the elevator.

Once at the top of this thirty story stack of machinery. You climb into a capsule about the size of the interior of a Volkswagen. That is going to be your home for the next 10 days. This small capsule on top of a 30 story piece of machinery with millions of pounds of explosive energy. Once the count down is complete and the machine comes to life. Only what can be described as, "All hell breaking loose" happens. Over the next few minutes your capsule is shaken by the vibrations of this massive machine. What Buzz Aldrin said, "Was like your eyeballs being shaken out of your head." As you are hurled faster, and faster. Higher, and higher, miles up. Out of the earths atmosphere. Your on your way to the moon. The greatest adventure of the twentieth century has just begun!

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