Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tripoli Louisiana Kicks Off The Fall Flying Season

NO Wind! I mean there was no wind! None! Everything that went up came straight back down. Unbelievable.
What we did have was bugs. It started with the ants. I stood in a pile of them and then did the ant dance. After that the gnats took over. Then it was the mosquitoes. After I applied a sufficient amount of DEET to kill a Wilderbeast. I was able to function without the constant slapping of something biting on you.

The humidity was hovering around 100% and it was mostly cloudy. We did get about an hours worth of drizzle in the morning. Then the sky partially cleared allowing us to find a few blue sky holes to take advantage of. We were able to get a considerable amount of flights in. I don't recall them all. But two that stand out were. Scott Taylors "Rita Rocket" on an AMW K1000 "Skidmark" motor. This motor makes the ground shake. Awesome flight. Then Andrew Grippo stuck a K1075 "Green Gorilla" in his new rocket "Firetower" and quickly accelerated it to 8,000ft. Nice!

It turned out to be a successful launch. I hope to see you all at the next one.

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  1. Sounds like a fun event. But, 100% humidity and skeeters? Last weekend's launch here was 75 deg, low humidity and no bugs.

    You'll get revenge later in the year when we are feezin' our butts off and you have moderate temps and no bugs :)