Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Semroc Releases Ready-to-Build line for NARAM-52

Ready-to-Build™ Kits...
We have just released our first ten Ready-to-Build™ kits. These have been in the works for some time and incorporate many ideas and suggestions that have come to us over a fifty year span. I know you are thinking that all model rockets are ready to build. We have been asked many times if we offer ready-to-fly or almost-ready-to-fly kits and we have to respond that we are not large enough to do those, BUT all of ours are ready-to-BUILD. This new series is really ready to build. They all have through-the-wall laser cut balsa fins to fit precision laser-slotted body tubes cut on our new automatic laser cutter. They all have a "new" insulating inner sleeve to protect the external body tube, elastic cord, and parachute from the hot flames and gases from modern delay and ejection charges. The elastic cord on all the models is increased in length to 36" for better protection from nose cone "smiley's".

The line starts with the new ased on an early design by Bill Simon. Another of Bill's designs formed the inspiration for the Sky Hook II™. From Semroc's early days, the Aphelion™ and XK-23™ are upgraded to RTB technology. Three of Centuri's Large Scale designs have been downsized for A-B-C engine simplicity and economy. They are the Mini Hustler™, Mini Aero-Dart™, and Mini Explorer™. One of Gene Street's most popular designs has been downsized to the Cherokee-C™. Two of Mike Dorffler's designs have also been downsized for the line. The huge Optima has inspired the Mini Optima™ and the Omega carrier rocket has been downsized to the Mini Omega™ with a scale (non-functional!) version of the Cineroc.

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