Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ESA Is Set To Have A Milestone Year In 2011

2011 will mark a revolution for Europe in space. Before the end of the year, next to the heavy Ariane 5, two launchers will complete ESA's portfolio: Soyuz and Vega will have their inaugural flights from Guyane. With Ariane, Soyuz and Vega Europe will be able to launch any satellite into any orbit. Europe's Space Port is taking a new and wider shape. This video shows the status of both Soyuz and Vega facilities specially built in Guyane. Tests are underway before the first missions planned between this summer and end of the year.

Soyuz and Vega http://multimedia.esa.int/Videos/2011/01/Soyuz-and-Vega

Soyuz in Kourou http://multimedia.esa.int/Videos/2004/06/Soyuz-in-Kourou

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