Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Analysis Of A Catastrophic Failure, AirFest 2013

The pictures tell the story of my CATO at Airfest this weekend. Destruction was almost instantaneous with ignition. After examining what was left of my fuel grains. It was determined that I didn't get a complete mix of the propellant. My mixer had burned up during processing and I finished the mix by hand. It was evident that I still had pockets of AP and this weakened the grains. A chunk, or chunks of propellant probably clogged the nozzle throat and caused the case to over pressurize. I was pretty much one and done for the weekend. Since this was the rocket and motor case combo I was flying for the Moonburn drag race too.

The motor case was a 3"x28" 6,000ns with 7lbs of propellant. Would of been about an M2000. I was looking for 20,000ft and Mach 2 out of the flight.

I did take lots of pictures the rest of the weekend. So stay tuned for more posts. Fun was had by all who attended. A huge thanks to the KloudBusters organization  and all those who worked so hard to make this launch happen!

As you can see destruction was swift and complete.

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  1. well this didn't went well.
    I hope that next one will go far up in the sky!